Career opportunities

The Institute of Economics and Law trains economists, managers, lawyers, control and innovation specialists who have mastered the applied software products that are actually used in practice, and are prepared to start working in the chosen occupation immediately as a certified employee without any probation.

Alumni of the Institute of Economics and Law are to be found among lawyers, law enforcement officers, personnel managers, experts in state and municipal governance, financial analysts and auditors. Some become quality control experts or auditors working in consulting firms, standardization, certification and metrology centers. There are some unique specialists who combine the competences and skills of an engineer, manager and economist; such people are often employed as business development managers or business consultants.

Generally, alumni of the Institute of Economics and Law are ambitious, highly professional specialists of a new type who are able to navigate across the intricate realities of the modern world, to competently build plans, to make independent decisions and to ensure that their decisions are implemented properly.


The city and region of Moscow have a daily requirement for over 20,000 specialists in economics, management, law and quality control. Their average salary ranges between 50,000 and 120,000 rubles, depending on seniority and specialization, and may be as high as 200,000 rubles in senior administrative positions.

Employment prospects

In the academic year 2018–2019, economics and management ranked fourth in the list of top 10 by the number of government-sponsored places in baccalaureate programs. By allocating considerable funds to Russian universities in this way, the state places orders for certain specialists and supports their professions. Therefore, we can conclude that the country needs more economists and managers, which means that they should have no problems finding employment.