38.03.02 Management

Students majoring in this subject area become modern-type managers, who are high-level professionals capable of navigating the complex contemporary realities of financial relations. They study the fundamentals of business organization (including ways to start a business of their own), human resource management, innovation support, and also the principles of crisis management.
Level of education:
Bachelor’s degree
Form of training:
Full-time (daytime)
Venue of training:
Entrance exams:
— Mathematics (major)
— Russian language
— Social science
Programs, specializations:
Project management
The Project Management program trains specialists who can practically apply modern project management standards, including human resources management, project risk management, project quality and cost management by using advanced information technologies.
The list of practical tasks that such specialists can handle includes, among others: design and implementation of development projects for entitites of all forms of ownership, including allocational changes in the course of reorganization, formation of a resource distribution system in conditions of resource shortage, project evaluation and validation, project-based investment, support for manufacture of competitive high-quality products and their promotion in the domestic and international markets.
Alumni can be employed as
  • business consultant
  • development program manager
  • project manager
  • business engineer
  • manager (member of a financial, economic or administrative unit / service)
  • business administration specialist
Program subjects
  • Operational management
  • Process management
  • Industrial logistics
  • New product development and implementation management
  • Innovation management
  • Production planning and organization
  • Economics and analysis of producing systems
Graduating department:
Project Management Department