The Institute has 3 classrooms with 42 chairs, equipped with ActivBoard 387 interactive whiteboards running on ActivInspire software, and one computer room with 25 chairs, equipped with ActiveBord 87PRO interactive whiteboard, a Sanyo WLC2500 short-focus projector and 25 HP Pavilion 23-b00er all-in-one machines. The Institute’s general education departments have classrooms equipped with multimedia projectors and screens. The departments as such are equipped with state-of-the-art computer hardware for educational and research purposes. The Institute’s computer classrooms run on the following software programs for practical training:

- Project Expert permits simulating activities in various industries and of varying scale: from small ventures to holding companies. The program is widely used for financial modeling and development of business plans for production and services in the following sectors: banking, telecommunications, construction, oil production and refining, transport, the chemical, processing and light industries, mechanical engineering, the aerospace industry, and power engineering.

- Bizagi Modeler is a BPM system developed by the company of the same name for simulation, execution, automation and analysis of business processes.

- Dev-C++ is a free integrated environment for application development in the C and C++ programming languages.

- Eclipse is a free integrated environment for development of modular cross-platform applications.

- Codeblock is an IDE for C++ and a MinGW compiler, an integrated open-source cross-platform development environment which supports various compilers.

- Arisexpress is free software from Software AG to simulate business processes.