38.04.05 Business informatics

Alumni’s professional activity will focus on enterprise architecture, the methods and tools of creating and developing e-enterprises and their components, business management information systems and data communication technologies, information system and data communication technology lifecycle management methods and tools, innovations and innovative processes in information and data communication technologies.
Profiles and specializations:
Information system design and implementation
Students receive theoretical instruction and practical training in the strategic development planning of information systems and data communication technologies essential to enterprise and process lifecycle management.
Professions that a graduate can choose
  • business analyst
  • systems analyst
  • information systems specialist
  • information technology project manager
Specialized disciplines
  • Automation of business processes
  • Information management
  • Mathematical information system modeling methods
  • Information system efficiency evaluation
  • Software reliability and testing
  • Planning and supervision in information system development
  • Balanced scorecard system
  • Systems approach to information system design
  • Wide-area information systems
  • Digital business transformation
Graduating department:
Department of Information Technologies in Public Administration