46.04.02 Document and archive science

Modern Document Management Techniques Program

Students receive theoretical instruction in policy formulation and planning in document management at administrative entities and organizations of all forms of ownership, and are trained for practical work ensuring effective document management using modern technologies.
Level of education:
Master’s degree
Form of training:
Full-time (daytime)
Place of training:
Entrance examination:
— Theory of management, economics and law
Profiles and specializations:
Modern documentation management techniques
This program is focused on:
- leadership training in organization-level document / records management
- organization of work to develop local regulations and guidelines on documentation support for an organization’s management
- ways to improve the documentation support system for an organization’s management
Professions that a graduate can choose
  • chief of a human resources and public service unit
  • chief of office
  • chief of a press service
  • head of the archives department
  • organization-level records management specialist
Specialized disciplines
  • Project management documenting
  • Legal framework for documentation management
  • Contemporary document science
  • Modern technologies of personnel records management at government entities
  • Human resources management and labor law
  • Digital heritage in the Russian Federation’s archives
  • E-reception room
  • E-documents and e-signatures in law
  • E-document management at organizations and institutions
Graduating department:
Department of Information Technologies in Public Administration