A delegation from China paid an official visit to RTU MIREA

On September 24, an official delegation from the PRC visited RTU MIREA. It included 35 school principals and representatives of Chinese universities

At the meeting RTU MIREA was represented by Nikolai Ivanovich Prokopov, First Vice-Rector of the University and Irina Solunova, Deputy First Vice-Rector.

The main issue discussed during the visit was the development of cooperation in science and education.

During the visit, the delegation also attended the Altair children's technology park of RTU MIREA, which offers great opportunities for the development of children straight from school. Ten laboratories shared by three educational clusters were demonstrated to the visitors, specifically: Information Technologies, Biomedical and Chemical Technologies and Radio electronics labs – all equipped with the most high-tech equipment. The total area of the industrial park reaches 1,800 square meters. It may be used to train 60 students at a time.

The educational programs of the children's technopark developed jointly with industrial partners, such as Samsung Electronics, Yandex, Mail.ru Group, Rostelecom Solar, Oracle, TERRA TECH (Russian Space Systems), Roselectronics, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, Ascon, Eremeks, Generium, DowChemical and others – proved to be of particular interest to the visitors.

An important advantage of the Technopark educational programs is their practice-oriented nature. Participants in the programs, under the guidance of qualified mentors, independently design and develop quadrocopters and robotics, solder electrical circuits and create sophisticated software for computers, various appliances and mobile devices; they also perform various chemical experiments. At the University, every talented student is able to get a high-quality additional education, absolutely free of charge at that.

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