An employee of the Institute of Information Technologies is awarded a letter of appreciation from the Samsung IT Academy


Ivan Aleksandrovich Yurchenkov, lecturer at the Samsung IT Academy, assistant of the Department of Applied Mathematics and programmer of the specialized educational and research laboratory of information technologies of the Internet of Things of the Institute of Information Technologies, received a letter of appreciation from Samsung for giving an online lecture on artificial intelligence technologies “Samsung Innovation Campus – AI Lectorium” within the IT Academy Samsung social and educational program. The lecturer spoke on the "Time Series Analysis and Forecasting" issue.

Within the framework of the "Samsung IT Academy" project in the "Artificial Intelligence" track, Samsung is conducting a series of Samsung Innovation Campus online lectures. This project is aimed at those who have already mastered the basics of neural networks and CV / NLP tasks and continue their professional development in the field of artificial intelligence technologies. Lectures are held on a regular basis, and their authors are specialists from Samsung Research Russia, the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sberbank and lecturers and trainers from the leading partner universities of the Samsung IT Academy project.

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