For the first time in 16 years, RTU MIREA teams reached the semifinals of the International Student World Championship in Programming

The RTU MIREA programming teams successfully performed at the Moscow quarterfinals of the International Student World Championship in Programming ICPC.

Six teams from our University took part in the qualifying stage of the Moscow Regional Contest. Two of them managed to secure access to the semifinals, one of these teams got into the prize zone.

This name already exists team (Viktor Volkov, Daniil Avtushko and Anatoly Ignatiev) completed seven tasks and made their way to the semifinals of the championship. According to the results of the quarterfinals, the team members and Evgeniy Kichak, its personal trainer, were awarded a third degree diploma.

The AniMates team (Bulat Shamsutdinov, Kirill Petrov and Ibragim Idrisov) has successfully completed six tasks. The promptly completed tasks and the accuracy of their solution have opened the way for the young people to the championship semi-finals. The personal coach of the team is Dmitry Kozyrev.

The Sortirovka Walrusom team (Valery Gavriliev, Andrey Smirnov and Artemy Matchin), who also completed six tasks, unfortunately failed to reach the semifinals due to the lengthy penalty time.

Three more teams from RTU MIREA performed for the first time: XYZI Team (Ivan Protsenko, Alexey Antipin and Kirill Khokhlov), MEMREA (Timur Ibragimov, Daniil Mezenov and Bogdan Zharkov), and Bonuses&Conuses (Vyacheslav Barinov, Sarmat Skaev and Maksim Lazin). The students completed either 2 or 3 tasks, which is already a very good result for the first time participation.

This is the first time that in the last 16 years that the RTU MIREA teams reached the semifinals of the Student World Championship. Earlier in 2004, only one of MIREA VMS teams from the Sergiev Posad branch of the University was able to succeed. Two teams at the same time never reached the semifinals before.

Further, the participants of the competition, who made it to the semifinals, will have to pass three stages: the semifinals, the European Championship, and the finals of the World Championship.

Congratulations to the participants on their success, and let us hope that next year they will surpass their own results!

If you want to join the RTU MIREA team in sports programming, go to the group or write to Dmitry Kozyrev, head coach of the University team (VK, Telegram: @dmkozyrev).

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