In Tashkent, the Institute of Youth Policy and International Relations of RTU MIREA held an internship course for specialists working with young people


Between November10 and 13,  an internship  was organized  for 30 youth workers in Tashkent.

The delegation included top managers, specialists and youth workers of government institutions and public associations from Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Uzbekistan.

As part of the program, the participants

• met with representatives of the Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, and the Association of Volunteers of Uzbekistan;

• got to learn in detail the structure of the youth policy of the republic and the main areas of youth work;

• visited the Federation of Shooting Sports of Uzbekistan;

• studied the practical aspects of working with youth, exchanged experiences and discussed problems and prospects in working with young people;

• participated in a cultural and excursion program in sunny Tashkent

The participants proposed to broaden the scale of such events in the Commonwealth space for further effective interaction.

The internship was arranged by the Institute of Youth Policy and International Relations, RTU MIREA – the basic organization of the CIS member states for working with youth, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Association of Volunteers of Uzbekistan following the results of a distance learning course – as part of the implementation of an additional professional development program – Organization of work with youth in the CIS.

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