MIREA – Russian Technological University (RTU MIREA) served as one of the floors for the videoconference of the President of the Russian Federation with the representatives of the public


On August 25, at the RTU MIREA site, Ekaterina Romanova, ArtMasters participant, spoke at the videoconference of the President of the Russian Federation with the public. Vladimir Putin highly assessed the role of the WorldSkills and ArtMasters championships in training personnel in various specialties, including creative and digital.

“Training professionals in various WorldSkills and ArtMasters specialties is increasingly gaining scope and is now bearing fruit, including the results in the area of personnel training,” said Head of the state during his conversation with the teaching staff, students and parents on the eve of the new academic year. 

Specifically, Vladimir Putin commented on the words of Yekaterina Romanova, winner of the ArtMasters Junior 2021 championship and winner of the All-Russian Big Change competition in 2020. Yekaterina said that she studied at the Lyceum in Chita, and then moved to Moscow where she was studying to become a director of  photography (DP). Working with ArtMasters helped her to enter a university in Moscow.

She emphasized the need to get secondary vocational education more actively intertwined with the creative backstage and digital competencies sphere. According to Romanova, this would help students receive knowledge in creative specialties in colleges and graduate from such educational institutions as specialists who would be definitely in demand.

The ArtMasters national championship of creative competencies is a competition for representatives of creative professions and young talented people who have already been working in this sphere or are just dreaming to start their career in creative industries: theater, film, media, television and others. Contenders from all the regions of Russia participated in the competition.  

Competitions were held in 19 competencies for the main category of participants (aged 19 to 35) and in eight competencies for the junior category (aged 14 to 17). In each of the competencies contests 10 finalists were selected upon the results of the all-Russian qualification stage.

RTU MIREA is a partner of the championship. From 12 to 21 of August, the final tests in the competencies Editing Director, Copywriter, Director of photography were held at the University premises. Between August 23 and 25, competitions in the Mixed reality designer / virtual world programmer competencies were held. In this contest, Marina Bakanova and Nikita Novakov, students of the Institute of Information Technologies of RTU MIREA, made their way to the finals.

On August 25, the projects were defended. Anatoly Goronesko, chief expert in this competence, together with the field experts, assessed the work of each of the participants. The winners will be announced on September 6, the procedure being held at the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theater.

The strategic partner of the ArtMasters Championship is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The championship is being organized and held with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, and the Moscow Government.

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