Online meeting discusses youth status indicators


On July 11, the online group meeting for working out the list of youth status indicators and the processes taking place in the youth environment was held in the RTU MIREA - the basic organization of the CIS member states for work with youth. The first meeting was also held in the RTU MIREA, where the major 12 indicators were developed on the basis of the proposals of the CIS countries.

At the second meeting, all indicators were discussed in detail, analyzing their measurability, clarity, relevance. Also, many new proposals were received to add to the earlier list.

Representatives of four countries took part in the meeting: Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia. The discussion was held by D.A. Bunkin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Youth Policy and International Relations of the RTU MIREA; V.V. Olinchuk, Head of the Department for the Support of the Educational Process of the Institute of Youth Policy and International Relations of the RTU MIREA; E.K. Kalybaev, Executive Director of the NGO "Institute of Youth Development" of the Kyrgyz Republic; A.E. Salikov, Associate Professor of the Department of Youth Policy and Socio-Cultural Communications of the State Educational Institution "Republican Institute of Higher Education"; M.P. Zakharenko, Deputy Director of the Russian State Library for Youth; M. Polyakov, Director of the Center for Public Projects of the State University of Management; Z. Makhmadulloev, Representative of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The next online meeting is to be held in August, 2018.