Rector's Congratulations Address on Cosmonautics Day


Dear Colleagues!

I sincerely congratulate the faculty, staff and students of the University on Cosmonautics Day!

Every year the holiday on April 12 reminds us of the glorious history of Russian cosmonautics, rich in the names of outstanding scientists, designers and test engineers and pilots. 

Today we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Vostok-1 spacecraft with the world's first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, on board. On this day, an age dream of mankind came true – a way was “paved” to the stars, to the unknown world of outer space, and many generations of our compatriots are rightfully proud of this.

For MIREA – Russian Technological University, today's holiday is of particular importance because the activities of many of our departments are inextricably linked with space science. Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Russian Federation, pilot-cosmonaut Sergei Konstantinovich Krikalev, for instance, in the period between his third and fourth flights, worked at the Department of Space Information Technologies, lectured on the ballistics of low-orbit communication satellites.

Today we are making a significant contribution to the development of the space industry. Graduates of our University work at enterprises that create space technology, instruments, and equipment. The teams of various departments and research laboratories and centers, engineers and scientists of the University have been working on solving practical problems of space exploration. 

I wish each of you, dear colleagues, professional takeoffs, and our University and the entire space industry of Russia – further outstanding achievements on the way to conquering space!

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