RTU MIREA and Huawei are developing cooperation in training young IT specialists


On October 18, Zhang Jing, Deputy Director of the Global ICT Academy Program at Huawei visited RTU MIREA. After visiting the laboratory complexes of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Systems, the Institute of Information Technologies, the Institute of Cybernetics, and the Situation Center  of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Stanislav Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA, and Zhang Jing discussed the areas for further development of cooperation between organizations in training young IT- specialists.

In order to develop the Academy of Information and Network Technologies opened in March 2021, RTU MIREA and Huawei have agreed on a curriculum for a new specialized training course (profile) “Information Technology Infrastructure”, specialty “Informatics and Computer Engineering - 09.03.01”. The educational process for this bachelor’s program will begin in September 2022 on the basis of the Institute of Information Technologies and will provide training for highly qualified specialists in all areas of modern and promising IT infrastructures. RTU MIREA plans to prepare by June 2025 over 3,000 specialists in data storage, transmission and processing systems, thus providing the Russian IT market with an additional number of young specialists who are not only knowledgeable in modern technological equipment and have practical skills in this area, but have also received international certificates.  “Close interaction with enterprises in the real sector of the economy is the priority of any educational institution that seeks to train qualified specialists who are in high demand. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation due to which students have an opportunity, already in the course of study, to master the specialty which is in demand, pass the certification procedure and become members of the international expert community; and upon graduation from the University, get assistance in employment either in the Huawei company itself, or in the enterprises of its numerous partners and customers who are actively introducing and using the vendor’s technologies,” commented Stanislav Kudzh. At the end of the meeting, Zhang Jing proposed to jointly develop international student exchange programs and invited Rector of RTU MIREA to pay a return visit to Huawei enterprises in the People’s Republic of China.

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