RTU MIREA hosted the sixth international scientific and technical conference "Optotech-2021" organized by the Institute for Advanced Technologies and Industrial Programming


On December 16-17, MIREA – Russian Technological University hosted in the online format on the ZOOM platform the sixth International Scientific and Technical Conference "Optical Technologies, Materials and Systems" ("Optotech-2021"), organized by the Institute for Advanced Technologies and Industrial Programming (IATIP).

The opportunities provided by the online mode of the conference allowed a larger number of foreign scholars and researchers to take part in the event than it used to be at the conferences of the previous years. In particular, representatives of Taiwan, South Korea, and the Republic of Belarus participated and spoke at the conference, and representatives of Uzbekistan were also present at the conference.

Professor V.S. Kondratenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, Advisor to the Administration, Head of the Department of Optical and Biotechnical Systems and Technologies IATIP RTU MIREA, opened the conference and made a welcoming speech. The conference participants were also greeted by A.A. Ishchenko, Chairman of the Central Council of VOIR, who emphasized that the results of scientific works highlighted at "Optotech" international conferences contribute to the development of invention both in Russia and abroad.

The key-note presentation on the methods of improving the image quality of cooled thermal imaging devices was made at the plenary session by A.P. Shkadarevich, the representative of the Scientific and Research Center LEMT "BelOMO" (Republic of Belarus).

Presentations on advanced world-class technologies were made by:

Lu Hung Tu, Ph.D, President of Nanoplus Tech (Taiwan) who spoke about the latest technology and technical means of eco-washing without the use of detergent, which is more environmentally friendly and significantly saves fresh water;

I.M. Terashkevich, Project Manager of LLC ELECTROTERA, together with V.S. Kondratenko offered a new method to develop a technology for the metrological control of greenhouse gas emissions and organize systemic monitoring of the carbon balance at the carbonaceous landfills of the Russian Federation and the equipment that can be used for the purpose;

Seak-Joon Lee, Ph.D, Representative of the high-tech business of South Korea, President of Innovated Technology Inc., spoke about new breakthrough achievements in the use of laser technology in the production of multi-format batteries as products of a growing market.

Following the wishes of the foreign participants of the conference, A.R. Ishteev, the representative of NUST MISIS, made a remarkable presentation in English on the promising perovskite solar cells with record efficiency.

Representatives of RTU MIREA shared the results of their research with the audience. The issues specified below aroused particular interest: technology of precision machining with organic-bonded diamond tools (V.S.Kondratenko and V.V. Kadomkin); monitoring the performance of supercomputer liquid cooling systems using sorption cable sensors (A.Yu. Rogov); application of technologies of power adaptive photonics (V.F. Matyukhin); advanced technologies of modified polymer coatings (S.A. Tyurina). Traditionally the interest was evoked by the results of studies in the field of optical and magneto-optical properties of nanostructures (A.N. Yurasov).

The entire online audience of the conference noted the high level and informational diversity of the plenary session of the IRTC "Optotech-2021".

The plenary session was followed by the work in sections, specifically: ⠀

  • Technologies for precision processing of optical materials. Section moderator: V.S. Kondratenko.
  • Fiber optic and optoelectronic systems and technologies, Section moderator: M.A. Sleptsov.
  • Promising innovative materials and technologies, Section moderator: S.A. Tyurin.
  • Optical effects and modern electronics, Section moderator: A.N. Yurasov.

Masters, post-graduate students and specialists from RTU MIREA, Scientific and Technical Center "Lasers and Equipment TM" LLC, Bauman MSTU, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Plant Sapphire JSC, Lytkarino optiko-chemical fibre plant - LZOS JSC, Polyus Research Institute named after M.F. Stelmakh, Progress LLC, Institute of General Physics RAS, PGU, T8 LLC, R&D research and development company Orion JSC, Frumkin Institute of Physical chemistry and Electrochemistry Russian academy of sciences (IPCE RAS), NPO Grafenika JSC, BSUIR, IMASH RAS, Doksard LLC, JSC "MKB" Iskra, Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy), Moscow Polytechnic Institute, MIPT.

Informational support of the conference was provided by scientific and technical journals: "Russian technological journal", "Pribory", "RHYTHM Mashinostroeniya", "Russian engineer", "Basis", "Inventor and rationalizer".

In total, more than 80 presentations were made at the sixth International Scientific and Technical Conference "Optical Technologies, Materials and Systems" ("Optotech-2021"). The event was held in a two-day distance format with over 200 online participants. 

Presentations made at the conference will be available for review until February 15, 2022; the links to be followed are provided below:

Plenary key-note presentations

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

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