Some institutes and RTU MIREA College will change their names in conformity with their current development


RTU MIREA has always kept up with the times. In general, the University and its subdivisions are constantly developing, new training programs are regularly introduced reflecting the most modern and promising directions in the development of science and technology.

In connection with the ongoing transformation, the Academic Council of RTU MIREA made a decision in the near future to change the names of some educational and research structural divisions of the University.

The updated names are not just a corporate identity change. The new names will make it possible to reflect as accurately as possible the essence of the units development: the kind of research they conduct, the area of science and technology they are focused on, the specific skills and knowledge that they teach students.

The changes will relate to the following divisions:

  • College of Instrumentation and Information Technologies – College of Programming and Cybersecurity (CPC).
  • Institute of Cybernetics – Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI).
  • Institute of Integrated Safety and Special Instrument Engineering– Institute for Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies (ICDT).
  • Institute of Physics and Technology – Institute for Advanced Technologies and Industrial Programming (IATIP).
  • Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Systems – Institute of Radio Electronics and Informatics (IREI).

The previous names will be retained by:

  • Institute of Information Technologies (IIT).
  • Institute of Management Technologies (IMT).
  • Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies (IFCT).

Organizationally, nothing is going to change for students, applicants and employees. But the corporate style of the divisions and their names in the information space will change in the near future.

The relevant order of October 28, 2021 No. 38-ST can be found at the link below.

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