Student educational projects created at the Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies


At RTU MIREA, on the basis of the KB-4 Intelligent Information Security Systems and the KB-2 Applied Information Technologies Departments of the Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies, student educational projects have been developed.

DevOps School

As part of the project, lectures and seminars on software development and system administration, and meetings with IT specialists have been held.

This semester, there are courses on Linux administration and Go programming.

Classes may be attended in person at 20 Stromynka Street campus, room 358. Online broadcasts and recordings of all classes are also available in the project group.

InfoSec School

The project provides students with the opportunity to gain the necessary basic knowledge in information security.

This semester, lectures are held for students to obtain fundamental knowledge necessary for further independent application of such knowledge in practice, and related materials are also provided for  in-depth self-study.

Starting with the next semester, it is planned to organize a series of classes on the security of web resources. Practical workshops will also begin, they will help to better visually apply the material.

Information security courses

The courses are aimed at studying the practical aspect of information security.

Pentest, reverse, web, crypto, forensics and other main areas of information security are dealt with from scratch in the classroom. These courses will also be useful for CTF fans, as they themselves hold seminars on solving tasks.

Classes are held once a week at 78 Vernadsky Avenue in building E, room 78E. At the moment, the time is set for 12:00 / 13:00 on Saturdays, and last 2-3 hours, but if students wish, it is possible to change the schedule. To do this, you need to join the chat.

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