Students and undergraduates of the Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies discussed modern approaches to IT


On April 28, a round table discussion on Information Systems and Technologies: A Modern Approach was held at the Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies.

The format of the round table made it possible, in the course of a dynamic and exciting debate, to discuss topical and significant issues, and the results of research by students and undergraduates of the institute. Such problems as network traffic analysis for detecting IoT devices were discussed, as well as the role of testing in the process of developing a software product, building a software architecture on hardware interrupts in a system with limited resources, using the example of USPD, developing a framework for creating cross-platform applications on GoLang – Amphion and others. 

Igor Denisovich Kotilevets, organizer and moderator of the event, specialist in the field of system analytics, senior lecturer of the Department of KB-4 “Intelligent Information Security Systems”, spoke at the expert part of the round table. Irina Alekseevna Ivanova, Ph.D., associate professor, head of the department of KB-14 “Digital Data Processing Technologies” was the organizer of the round table discussion.

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