The first working meeting of MIREA – Russian Technological University and Skillbox leaders took place on August 3, 2021


On August 3, Andrei Zuev, Director of RTU MIREA Institute of Information Technologies, and Yevgenia German, Director of the Skillbox Development Department, agreed on the areas for the interaction of higher education programs and additional training designed for students trained on the basis of the previously opened Center for accelerated training of specialists in information technologies.

The action plan of the Institute of Information Technologies and the Skillbox educational platform for the 2021-2022 academic year includes the implementation of joint courses in IT disciplines, additional free training and providing employment to the best students. In October 2021, the Smart City hackathon, organized in cooperation with Samsung, will also take place.

Heads of Skillbox higher education programs, frontend, data modelling, Data Science, programming, GameDev and eSports got familiarized with the laboratory facilities of the Institute of Information Technologies. 

Cooperation between RTU MIREA and Skillbox is aimed at training specialists for the benefit of the digital economy of the Russian Federation.

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