University representative participates in Scientific Conference on Youth Problems Study in Armenia

20 September 2016

In Armenia the Scientific Conference of researchers and research groups who are engaged in studying of youth problems took place. There were reported the activities of the research organizations of Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyziya and Russia, such as:

  • Center of Social and Political Researches of the Belarusian State University
  • Institute of Youth Development of the Kyrgyzky Republic
  • Basic organization for work with youth of the CIS participating countries  
  • Youth Policy and International Relations Institute of Moscow Technological University

Dmitry Bunin, Deputy Director of Youth Policy and International Relations Institute participated in the conference.

The program of the Conference included discussion of the concept of "Reasonable youth policy" according to which forming of regional and national strategies of youth policy development is to be based on urgent social and scientific research in the field of youth problems. Besides, for the participants there took place experience exchange seminars on carrying out researches and assessment of their efficiency.

The participants visited the city administration of Gyumri, which was recognized as the youth capital of the Republic of Armenia in 2016, as well as the most successful youth centers implementing the state youth policy in this region.