Priority directions of scientific research

Information and telecommunication systems

Datalogical bases of high-performance data processing

Quantum electronics and electrodynamics

Mathematical modeling

Micro- and nanoelectronics

Research and development of highly effective methods of digital signal transmission

Theory and practice of distance learning

Physics of plasma

Physics of solids

Automated control systems for energy saving

Instrument engineering

Information technologies in instrument engineering

Information technologies in mechanical engineering

Mechatronics, robotic systems and complexes

Economy and management


Fundamentals and technological principles of energy saving in mass-exchanging processes

Catalysts and sorbents of new generation for petroleum chemistry, energy saving and ecology

Technological development of innovative dosage forms and systems of directed delivery of active pharmaceutical substances using biotechnology and bionanotechnology methods

Basic researches in the field of synthesis, properties study of biologically active natural compounds and their analogs for making medicinal substances for treatment of socially significant human diseases

Fundamentals of flexible multi-purpose technologies of rare elements extraction from primary and technogenic raw materials and production of functional and composite materials of new generation

Fundamentals of producing new nanosystems and materials

Development of scientific bases and theory and synthesis of new polymers, chemical transformations of macromolecules; polymeric membranes and sorbents; carriers of biologically active and medicinal substances; synthesis of "live" polymeric chains; thermosensitive polymers for medicine

Researches in the field of physics and chemistry of polymers, materials development on the basis of polymer blends, production of composite materials with improved properties resulted from chemical and physical modification

Study of reactions mechanisms of element organic compounds, gas-phase methods of synthesis and new technologies of silicon and germanium organic compounds (monomers), macrokinetics of hydrolytic polycondensation of organokhlorsilans and new waste-free technologies of polymeric silicones, chemistry and technology of nitrogen-containing element organic compounds, development of biologically active silicon, germanium, boron and iron organic substances for medicine and agriculture