Pre-university Training Department

Pre-university Training Department for foreign citizens

If you are planning to receive a high-quality higher education in Russia, but do not speak Russian or do not speak Russian sufficient enough, we suggest that you take a course at the Pre-university Training Department. It helps foreign citizens to later join Russian-taught full-degree programmes. Over 10 months of intensive study, students improve their basic language skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing), study in a chosen academic field (engineering), and adapt to the new educational environment. Upon completing preparatory year, students are expected to possess intermediate-level language skills (CEFR level B1, TRKI level 1) and be ready to enter the Russian-taught full-degree programs at RTU MIREA and other Russian universities.


For further information, please, contact Victoria S. Zakharova, Head of the Pre-university Training Department for foreign citizens, by phone +7 499 215-65-65 ext. 1104 or e-mail: