Graduate Employment

Assistance in the employment of students and graduates of the MIREA – Russian Technological University is based on the Career Center of RTU MIREA.

The Career Center of RTU MIREA is a structural unit of the Russian Technological University created to assist employment and create jobs for students and graduates, provide information on jobs and offer advisory support in building their successful careers. The Career Center divisions operate in the University three main campuses.

The Career Center is an opportunity to get a prestigious, interesting and well-paid job, receive further education and training, implement young people’s business ideas, which by far is not all that the Center is to offer!

The main goal of the Career Center is to create favorable conditions for the effective employment of the graduates. To this end, the Center is resolving various issues, specifically

-        provides information to the students on the situation in the labor market and employment prospects;

-        gathers information about potential jobs for students and creates a database of job opportunities;

-        establishes partner relationships with the authorities, government agencies and commercial organizations to organize of students on-the-job training and graduate employment;

-        organizes joint presentations, workshops, meetings, and seminars with employers.

Over 80% of the graduates willing to find a job during the first year after their graduation succeeds in getting employment.

As of 5 December 2019, according to the Department of Labor and Employment of the City of Moscow, only 7 graduates applied for jobs to the Moscow Employment Center, which is less than 0.2% of the total number of 2019 graduates.

Our University successfully cooperates with over 40 major enterprises. Specialized departments participate in the educational process: employees of partner companies conduct lectures and seminars, workshops, supervise work on diplomas and term papers, assist in the on-the-job training and internships, engage students in various projects, and research and development.

The Career Center collaborates with more than 600 Russian and foreign companies and enterprises.

More detailed information and current job opportunities are available on the RTU MIREA Career Center website: