Additional Education Programs

General information

Additional education is aimed at the all-round satisfaction of a person’s educational needs and is not related to receiving a degree of a higher ranking. That is a form of continuing education when a person, in parallel with receiving a University diploma, obtains another specialty, takes an advanced course in his/her specialty, does a retraining course, or studies languages.

The University implements over 100 different additional education programs:

  • professional development programs;
  • professional retraining programs;
  • vocational training programs;
  • additional general education programs;
  • language training programs.

Additional education programs are implemented both in specialized structural additional education units dealing exclusively with additional education programs, and in regular educational structural units which are engaged in programs of both higher and additional education.
At the request of the customer, the University can develop and implement a unique program either of advanced training or of professional retraining.

More information on additional education programs (advanced training and professional retraining programs, general education programs) can be obtained from the Institute of Additional Education, by phone +7 499 215 65 65, ext. 1026 or by e-mail: .

More information about vocational training programs can be obtained at the MIREA Driver Training Center (driving school, motorcycle school, etc.) by phone +7 499 681 65 65, or by e-mail: