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MIREA - Russian Technological University

(MIREA, MGUPI, MITHT, VNIITE, RosNIIIT and AP, IPK of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)

Recognized both in Russia and abroad as a modern educational and research center, MIREA — Russian Technological University combines classical university traditions with modern educational technologies in its work. Since its creation, the higher education institution has always kept up to date constantly expanding the range of academic programs according to the state demand for engineering staff, increasing quality of specialists’ training and achieving international recognition. MIREA — Russian Technological University is one of the leaders in the field of training of highly qualified specialists for quickly developing knowledge-intensive branches of science and technology: telecommunications, information and computer technologies, automatic equipment, cybernetics, radio engineering and electronics, chemistry and biotechnologies.

The University implements a unique system of training «higher education institution — base chair — base enterprise» which provides high efficiency of educational process and guarantees fast adaptation of graduates to real conditions of modern production environment. Today, MIREA — Russian Technological University has more than 50 base chairs at Research Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, design offices and hi-tech enterprises of the Moscow region. Having blended general scientific theoretical training and students’ practical activities at the largest industry forming innovative enterprises with advanced technologies, MIREA — Russian Technological University guarantees effective students’ training which meets the requirements of future employment.

MIREA — Russian Technological University has the developed network of research centers, scientific laboratories and students design offices.

The faculty of University includes 21 fellow and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as more than 280 members of other academies and scientific organizations including international ones. Internationally recognized achievements of scientific schools and researchers of MIREA — Russian Technological University are the basis of strong partnership with universities, scientific centers, production corporations of Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore, Finland, China, Japan and other countries.

International Training Institute of the University has more than 1200 foreign students from 84 countries. There are traditional exchanges of teaching and scientific personnel with European universities for mutual training. Students programs of academic exchange, including double diploma programs are actively developed as well.

MIREA — Russian Technological University offers various forms of pre-university training and renders career guidance assistance. The University provides different training courses and the evening physical and mathematical school with more than 20 branches in sponsored schools of the Moscow region.

MIREA — Russian Technological University is proud of its highly qualified faculty, modern technical and material resources, vigorous scientific activity and extensive international links.