On the documents and certificates processing procedure

ATTENTION! Student certificates and other documents will be issued after the holidays. The requests and procedure will be published.
In connection with the temporary transition to the remote working mode, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rules introduced for obtaining Certificates of Training and Financial Certificates from the Accounting Office. To receive a Certificate of Training it is necessary to:
  • make a phone call to the Educational Department of your Institute and file a request for a Certificate. Phone numbers can be found on the web-site;
  • find out the date when the Certificate will be ready;
  • get a Certificate at the guard post of the training campus upon presenting an identity document.
To receive information on scholarship payments or the absence thereof:
  • call the Accounting Office and order a Certificate by phone +7 499 215-65-65 (extension 5173 or 5191);
  • find out the date when the certificate will be ready;
  • strictly on the specified date, come to the RTU MIREA campus on 78 Vernadsky Avenue, present your identification document at the security post and go to the Accounting Office to get the Certificate you need (Building D, Room D-220).