240 foreign citizens from 38 countries become first-year students of our University in 2017


The geography of foreign students enrolled in Moscow Technological University in 2017 has significantly expanded - our University has got the representatives of more than 30 countries: among them are citizens of Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietnam, Guinea, Egypt, China, Colombia, Congo, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Mongolia, Namibia, Nigeria, Syria, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, etc. Thus, step by step the positions of our University as one of the international universities of the country are getting stronger!

With special pleasure we congratulate the first-year students who entered Moscow Technological University on one of the most important victories in their life. We believe the study at the University will help them to realize their potential and become highly qualified specialists.

We sincerely wish the students to be diligent, persistent, successful in business and future careers, and the teachers and employees – creativity, continuous improvement, satisfaction with their achievements and professional success.

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