A concert dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory took place in the Big Concert Hall of the University


On April 27 at 17 p.m. a concert dedicated to the 77th Anniversary of the Great Victory  to which everybody at the University looked forward to,  was held in the Big Concert Hall on 86 Vernadsky Avenue!

The Academic Ensemble named after A.V. Aleksandrov performed all our favorite military and folk songs, such as “The Holy War”, “Kalinka-Malinka”, “Along the Piterskaya”, “The Victory Day”, and many others. All those present were deeply moved by the performance, and a sense of pride and patriotism reigned in the hall!

Stanislav Alekseevich Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA, also attended the concert. Before the start of the concert he expressed his gratitude to the speakers. And no less important, memorable gifts were solemnly presented to the veterans who were

invited to the event.

The Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army named after A.V. Alexandrov, the largest and the most famous military art group of the USSR and contemporary Russia, the world's first army song and dance ensemble, was formed in October 1928.

At all times, the Ensemble has been famous for the highest level of performing skills, which is the merit of the talented and dedicated leaders of Alexandrov, choirmasters, conductors and choreographers, vocalists and ballet dancers, many of whom served and are serving under the banner of the Ensemble named after A.V. Alexandrov.

The Ensemble has in its repertoire more than two thousand works: military-patriotic and folk songs and dances, classical and spiritual works, cover versions of rock, and pop hits.

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