A delegation of the Taipei-Moscow Coordination Commission for Economic and Cultural Cooperation visited RTU MIREA

On February 28, a meeting was held between the top management of RTU MIREA and the delegation of the Representative Office in Moscow for the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission led by Wei-Lien Lu, Director of Education, Taiwan Representative Office, Song-Jeng Huang, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Representative Office of Taiwan, Yu-Lin Chang, Director of the Economic Department, Yuan-Ting Shih, Assistant Director of the Department of Science and Technology

RTU MIREA was represented by Alexander S. Sigov, President of the University, Irina Solunova, Deputy First Vice-Rector and Liudmila Komkova, Head of the International Relations Department.

One of the main topics raised at the negotiations was the discussion of issues related to internships, scholarship programs for students and faculty of the University, as well as the organization of a summer school on the basis of RTU MIREA for foreign students and lecturers. Mr. Lu Wei-Lien, Acting Director of the Department of Education, noted the growing interest of Taiwanese students in such areas of training as IT, biotechnology, robotics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The parties agreed to identify areas for joint work, namely, to hold a joint event in May 2020 with the participation of representatives of the major Taiwanese companies in order to exchange expertise, encourage international academic mobility, and identify employment potential for the RTU MIREA.

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