Congratulations from the RTU MIREA Rector on National Unity Day


Dear students, lecturers and trainers, the staff of RTU MIREA!

Congratulations on National Unity Day!

This holiday personifies the unity of the entire Russian people, regardless of the origin, religion and the status in society. The date symbolizes the pride in our ancestors and the spiritual power of our state. But the essence of the holiday is not only the preservation of the historical memory, but also the implementation of the modern aspirations of the Russians: the need to unite and promote the rich traditions, cultural and spiritual values of our country, and pass them on to future generations.

Today, students from all regions of the Russian Federation study at RTU MIREA, teachers and staff from a number of regions work. And only in this way, by uniting, shall we be able to achieve common goals in the development of science, education and, specifically, our University.

On this day, I wish everyone mutual understanding, goodness, prosperity, happiness, good luck in everything!

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