Congratulatory words from Rector of RTU MIREA on the Day of National Unity


Dear Colleagues!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the Day of National Unity!

November 4 is one of the most significant public holidays in Russia. On this day, each of us cannot help thinking about the great history of our Motherland, about our personal contribution to its present and future.

Courage and perseverance in any trials, the ability to face of difficulties, the desire for peace and mutual understanding have always been the inherent features of the multinational people of Russia.

Devotion to our Motherland, respect for the identity of different nations give us spiritual strength to move forward and build a better future. These eternal and true values we pass from generation to generation thus strengthening the spiritual bonds of society.

On this festive day, I wish you good health, success in all your endeavors, peace and all the very best. May joy and prosperity always reign in your homes, and may your life be filled with good deeds! 

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