Cosmonautics Day celebrations at RTU MIREA


RTU MIREA students celebrated Cosmonautics Day which went down in history as an incredible technological breakthrough in space research, and also became a significant cause for pride in our country and all over the world.

In honor of this memorable event, an educational exhibition “Man and Space” was held on the campuses of the University.

On April 11, in the Small Concert Hall at 78 Vernadsky Avenue, a humorous conference “Ig Nobel Prize” was held. During the event, the most resourceful and quick-witted students of our University made their presentations on various topics relating to space. According to the Jury, the author of the most original performance was Pyotr Perfilov, a student of the Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies. The second place went to Valeria Brandukova, a student of the Institute of Advanced Technologies and Industrial Programming. The prize for the third place was given to Pavel Makarov from the Institute of Information Technologies.

Cosmonautics Day was also celebrated on April 12 with the Cosmoquiz on the RTU MIREA campus at 20 Stromynka Street in the coworking zone. Teams of students were not only able to show their incredible knowledge about space, but also learned a lot of new interesting facts about it. Each participant received a delicious incentive prize, and the Rogozin Admirers team won the winning cup.

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