Delegation from Beijing Investment Bureau at RTU MIREA


On September 21, 2018 the RTU MIREA on the Stromynka campus hosted a delegation from the Beijing Investment Bureau.

According to the results of the 2nd Investment Forum "Moscow - Beijing - 2018" (21.06.2018), where the scientific school of Prof. V.S. Kondratenko presented the results of their developments, the Forum participants – the representatives of the Beijing Investment Bureau decided to visit the RTU MIREA to learn more about the scientific achievements presented.

The meeting with the delegation from China was held on 21.09.2018 in the new meeting room on the Stromynka campus where the representatives of the Physics and Technology Institute - Prof. Kondratenko, Head of the Optical and Biotechnical Systems and Technologies Department, and A.Yu. Rogov. Deputy Director for Innovative Development - made a presentation on updated research results.

The following developments aroused particular interest:

- “Systems for monitoring water leakage, steam breakthroughs, hydrocarbons leakage, environmental humidity control on the basis of sensor cables”;

- "The use of metal-hybrid thermal interfaces to optimize the operating conditions of electronic devices";

- "Exhaust gas cleaning and other disinfection technologies using nano-ionized water (NSIW)"

The guests expressed a desire to receive extended information on all the developments for distribution among interested investors in China.

The participants in the event highly appreciate the results of the meeting and look forward to further fruitful cooperation between university scientists and Chinese investors, with the direct support of the Beijing Investment Bureau.

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