Digital break through in Russian education


It is impossible to imagine the world today without the achievements in science and research, and a human being – without the basic knowledge in science. Professional success today directly depends on the ability to master the latest achievements in science. In the past several years new technologies have been actively introduced not only at universities, but also in schools, which makes it possible to provide an in-depth study of natural sciences.

Dozens of laboratories equipped with modern facilities and devices have been opening annually at RTU MIREA, where students implement their own projects together with their scientific advisers. Together with the country’s largest partner enterprises, the university creates mega-laboratories that contribute to a deeper immersion of students in their professional activities.

“In the laboratory, we were able to develop monoclonal antibodies, which served as the basis for creating a test system for a new coronavirus infection. And on the basis of the University, we created the first testing system, which was registered in Russia. The number of industrial partners, such as drug manufacturers, organizing joint projects with RTU MIREA, is growing every year. And it is due to such developments that unique laboratories appear, joint projects are under way and joint research is carried out. This raises the educational level in the country and gives students an opportunity to work on real projects, changing the world for the better,” said Anastasia Semikhina, Head of the Laboratory of monoclonal antibodies at RTU MIREA.

Science has no limits. The digitalization of education in the country covers different areas. In particular, conferences and events in the humanities are held annually to raise the level of youth culture. Such sites unite the regions of Russia and make it possible to share scientific developments in a networking format.

Today even schoolchildren are interested in science. As early as in their adolescence, they begin to actively engage in programming, robotics, and some are studying biohacking. The world today is unimaginable without digital breakthroughs, because the horizons of opportunities are constantly opening up for all young people. Radio electronics and robotics are at the forefront and are constantly being improved, while the inventions of Russian scientists are actively competing with other developments on the international market.

“The production of radio electronics has been actively developing in Russia, various innovative complexes are being created on the basis of RTU MIREA to be used in diverse areas. Students and schoolchildren who visit our technopark are already able to create something unique at their studies. I believe that universities, new research centers and laboratories opening in our country provide a tremendous opportunity for personal fulfillment and the implementation of one's ideas in this world,” commented Svyatoslav Litvinov, Head of the Radio-electronics laboratory cluster of the Altair Children’s Technopark, RTU MIREA.

The achievements of recent years have integrated many branches of science and, thanks to a rich research and technical base, the experience of doctors, virologists and other specialists, Russian scientists were able to become the first to create a vaccine against COVID-19. “Keeping up with the times!” – today it is the slogan of all the mankind. New trends and the world of science and technologies create the reality for us.

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