Felicitations from Rector of RTU MIREA on the Day of Knowledge


Dear colleagues, the faculty, students and graduate students!

I congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year!

The holiday of September 1 is inextricably linked with new starts and opportunities, bold experiments and discoveries. The upcoming academic year should be truly an exciting breakthrough in the development of science and technology. We are currently striving to maximize the links between education, science and industry.

Our University provides opportunities for continuous growth, allows to define one’s own trajectory of professional and personal development. Throughout our long history, we have trained thousands and thousands of specialists who greatly contribute to Russian science and higher education, head enterprises, work in managerial positions, and successfully engage in business.

Today we are introducing up-to-date forms and innovative methods into education being aware of the need to obtain high-quality and relevant knowledge. The successful implementation of these programs is largely the result of fruitful work of the teaching staff, people who are active, creative, and dedicated to their profession.

The future of Russia today depends more than ever on knowledge, competencies, and skills that students acquire, on the professional qualities with which they come to their jobs. Hence, the future of the country depends on us.

I wish all the students, the staff and faculty of the University professional growth, great achievements and brilliant victories! ⠀

Let the new 2021/22 academic year be interesting and fruitful, let it bring us the joy of discoveries and  many exciting meetings. And let you achieve the goals set!

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