Felicitations on the Day of Russian Science by Stanislav Alekseevich Kudzh


Dear colleagues, the faculty, the students and graduate students of MIREA – Russian Technological University!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Russian Science!

The year of 2021 is declared the Year of Science and Technology. I believe that this decision of the President of Russia is extremely important not only for our national science, but also for the country at large, all sectors of the Russian economy and walks of our life.

The COVID-19 epidemic, which the civilization is facing today, has very clearly demonstrated the great importance of science and technology, for many it has become obvious how important it is to develop this sphere. The goal for us is to be able to always promptly respond to any dangerous situations, the foundation, that is the accumulated knowledge should be in place.

This year we need to provide fundamental science with a worthy resource for development. Today, in addition to the epidemic, we face a number of serious challenges, and only science can give an adequate response to them.

You and I have something to be rightfully proud of: the coronavirus vaccine developed with the participation of RTU MIREA employees, has become a sensation for the whole world. Our colleagues also have amazing breakthrough works in various fields of research: applied mathematics, physics, and materials science.

One of the main tasks of the Year of Science is to raise the prestige of science in the eyes of young people. At the same time, we must treat with respect and well-deserved recognition the achievements of our “golden fund”, those scholars who in the most difficult crisis years stayed in the country and preserved the Russian science while doing world-scale research.

Throughout its history, our University has been famous for outstanding researchers and academic schools. Today we are training personnel for the Russian economy in specialties that, I am sure, will be in high demand in future!

With all my heart, I wish all scientists of today and the future good health, inexhaustible vitality, inspiration and success in work, new victories and discoveries!

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