Greetings on the 1st of September from A.S. Sigov, President of RTU MIREA


Dear colleagues, college students, undergraduate and graduate students, the staff, and members of the faculty!

I extend my sincere greetings to everyone on the beginning of the academic year, the Day of Knowledge, the 1st of September!

There are two macroscopic time scales for all of us who have tied ourselves to higher education for the rest of our lives or to one of its stages. Scale One is a typical calendar year covering the period from January to December, while the second scale is the academic year starting on September 1. This is, in fact, the point of the countdown for the new challenges that life offers us. These are new tasks and objectives ahead of us on the way to attain the goals set. These are new achievements which I hope we will definitely have.

If we talk about the past year, it is true to say that humanity has experienced the greatest shock ever, such shakeups have not happened for a long time. Of course, this has also affected us, but we have coped with the calamities quite successfully. Despite the difficult situation in the second semester, the resource base was significantly strengthened, new laboratories were created, the teaching staff was able to quickly and efficiently reorganize their work and go online, which was actually inevitable for us in the past several months. I would very much wish to see the same well-organized team work to continue in the future. I am sure that so will it be.

We can recollect in this connection the words of Confucius, who formulating the tasks in education, said: “Everyone who is engaged in education should study without knowing boundaries and teach others without knowing fatigue.” I think that both students and teachers should follow this commandment of the great Chinese sage, and in this case we will definitely succeed. The objectives ahead of us are clear and certain.

I wish all of you great success and exciting results. If the results are attained, there will be joy in life. I wish you well-being and joy in the new academic year!

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