Happy New Year and Merry Christmas greetings from the rector of RTU MIREA


Dear students, lecturers and trainers, the staff of the University!

I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

The past year has been full of important events and ambitious projects at our University.

Our joint work, the focus of attention on achieving strategic goals, teaching with the best of standards, scientific achievements and victories in various competitions helped us maintain and strengthen the prestige of RTU MIREA as one of the flagship technological universities in Russia.

Dear colleagues, the results achieved have the contribution of each of you.

I am grateful to everyone for their enormous work for the prosperity of our University. With such reliable colleagues, we can confidently look into the future.

I also congratulate the students on the upcoming holidays and thank them for their diligent studies, successful steps in science and victories in competitions.

We strive to create all the conditions for you, so that you receive up-to-date knowledge and become sought-after specialists in the labor market.

In the coming year, we will not deviate from our principles and will try to open new laboratories for you and apply progressive teaching technologies.

I would also like to address applicants to RTU MIREA, especially 11th graders.

Dear applicants! Next year you will have to choose a university, studying at which will mark the beginning of your professional future. I wish you to accumulate strength and energy to successfully pass the Unified State Exam and get enrolled to the University of your choice.in a specialty that interests you.

I will be glad if it is RTU MIREA.

I once again congratulate everyone on the upcoming holidays! I wish you a surge of creative strength, success, health, good luck, joy and prosperity in the new year!

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