Institute of Information Technologies is creating a unique laboratory base for artificial intelligence technologies


In conformity with the plans for the development of the laboratory and material and technical resources, the Institute of Information Technologies purchased three autonomous striders ("robotic dogs") from Unitree Robotics of the AlienGo and A1 models (modifications with a lidar and an NVIDIA JetsonXavier NX artificial intelligence module).

The devices allow to practice the use of artificial intelligence technologies in implementing the following tasks:

  • Navigation in space and overcoming obstacles.
  • Recognition of voice and gesture commands of the operator.
  • Recognition of the environment and objects in it.
  • Autonomous functioning in conformity with the scenario.
  • Management of mobile autonomous complexes and their groups.
  • Control and stabilization of position in space, also position control and stabilization in motion.

Striders will be available for research and project activities of students and graduate students of the Institute. Their programming is carried out in C++, the developer's SDK is provided in the kit.

An overview of the functionality and application areas of "robotic dogs" can be found in the HI-TECH REVISION, RTU-MIREA YouTube channel.

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