International students of RTU MIREA took part in the International Summer History School – 2021


International students of RTU MIREA successfully passed the competitive selection and had the opportunity to take part in the International Summer History School – 2021, organized by the Russian Historical Society, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the State Academic University for the Humanities. The event was held for foreign and Russian students and postgraduates in Vyborg from 14 to 23 September. RTU MIREA was represented by Migisho Abijah Kajabika (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Azad Adrita (Bangladesh), Azad Adittya (Bangladesh), Ndzie Zinga Maddy Danitza (Cameroon) and Nkongo Pascal Ghislain (Cameroon).

For foreign students of RTU MIREA, it was a unique opportunity to get better knowledge of the history and culture of Russia, meet famous researchers, heads of the leading universities, major archives and museums, and receive support in the implementation of their own initiatives in history and education.

The work of the School was based on the following thematic tracks:

  • Imperial legacy of Russia in a comparative perspective (to the 300th anniversary of the proclamation of the empire by Russia)
  • Memory of the Great Patriotic War and the crimes of the Nazi invaders in the territory of the Soviet Union (to the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War)
  • Russia in the history of great scientific and technological breakthroughs (to the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space)
  • Art and culture of Russia in the period of Modern and Contemporary Times

Apart from an intensive educational program, exciting cultural activities were organized for the participants: visiting the main attractions of Vyborg and the Northern capital, listening to the opera The Oprichnik staged in Mikhailovsky Theater.

“Participation in the International History Summer School is a rewarding experience, as I had an opportunity to receive advice from experts in specialized areas. And the work on a common project with students from different universities and different countries made it possible to speak more openly about the promotion, development and application of science and technology in Russia and around the world,” said Ndzie Zinga Maddy Danitza, a 2nd year student of RTU MIREA, sharing her impressions.

Azad Adrita, who came to RTU MIREA from the Republic of Bangladesh, not only learned a lot of interesting things, but also made new friends: “I really liked the International History School. For the first time in my life, I visited St. Petersburg, met other students who study at various universities in Russia. We spent every day together and learned a lot about Russian history, culture and science. If in the future I have the opportunity, I will come to Vyborg again. I will never forget this trip.”

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