Official visit of delegation of Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan to University

27 October 2016

At the University the management meeting with the official delegation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan took place.

During the meeting there were discussed the questions of international cooperation concerning joint projects between the scientific and educational organizations of Taiwan and Moscow Technological University with the assistance of the Russian Federal Property Fund and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, as well as the perspective directions of joint basic scientific research and their role in the development of world-class advanced technologies.

The delegation visited the research laboratories of Cybernetics Institute and Physics Technology Institute. V. S. Kondratenko, Director of Physics Technology Institute, presented the badges "80 years of MGUPI" to the participants of the meeting and acquainted the Taiwan delegation with the latest scientific developments of the Institute and historical experience of implementation of the Russian technologies in high-technology business of the Southeast Asian companies.