On March 12, MIREA – Russian Technological University and MBC Generium, LLC opened a joint research and educational center

The new research and educational center for biosynthesis, isolation and purification of monoclonal antibodies was opened at the Department of Biotechnology and Industrial Pharmacy of the MV Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies named after Lomonosov. It will provide targeted training of highly qualified personnel for the biopharmaceutical industry enterprises.

The red ribbon was solemnly snipped by Marina A. Borovskaya, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Stanislav A. Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA, Ravil Khamitov, General Director of International Biotechnology Center Generium, LLC, Frieberg Matz, General Director of 3M Russia JSC, Alexander Herbst, General Director of Wingflow AG.

The creation of the center was driven by the modern requirements to the system of higher education and training for the Russian industry. This was noted, inter alia, at a joint meeting of the Presidium of the State Council and the Presidential Council on Science and Education on February 6, 2020.

The development and production of a new generation of immunobiological preparations based on monoclonal antibodies is by far one of the most progressive areas of biopharmaceuticals. However, enterprises in this fast-growing sector lack quality training of qualified personnel. The laboratory equipped with modern equipment for modeling the processes of production and purification of monoclonal antibodies will allow to effectively select specialists and ensure targeted training of professionals who have received theoretical and practical knowledge to solve problems in the real production shpere.

Marina Aleksandrovna Borovskaya pointed out the importance of qualified cadre: “The opening of a new center allows us to realize that not only universities, but also enterprises are participating in the educational process. Industrial partners understand that the success of business depends on quality training. This is a good sign of cooperation and consolidation of the ties between education, science and industry.

The new research and educational center includes mammalian cell cultivation and chromatographic purification sections of recombinant proteins and has its own targeted training program. Specialists of companies – leaders of the domestic market in the field of biotechnological development and production of medicines, specifically, MBC Generium LLC, as well as international manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment for biological processes: Global Life Science Solutions RUS, LLC, Sartorius Stedim RUS, LLC and 3M Russia, JSC – have been involved in its development.

RTU MIREA Rector, Stanislav Alekseevich Kudzh, pointed out: “What makes our University different from others is that we work closely with the specialized partner enterprises. We have developed a new approach to training. The essence of the approach proposed by RTU MIREA lies in targeted training not at the stage of higher education, as it used to be, but as early as the high school level.
This will allow young people to profoundly master profile specialties and make an informed choice in favor of a future profession, and partner enterprises at this stage will already be able to select the best candidates who have proven themselves really worthwhile in training professionals for future employment. Thus, the University will be training personnel in the interests of industrial partners who will receive specialists completely ready for work, not university graduates in need of retraining.

After the opening ceremony, the conference Integration of the modern science and education interaction business model was held on the Altair Children's Technopark territory. The conference program included reports by the leading experts in pharmaceutical industry on the pressing issues of interaction between business and educational institutions in implementing national strategies of the Russian Federation in education.

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