Rector of RTU MIREA spoke at the Digital Innopolis Days forum


From December 2 to 4, Innopolis University (Republic of Tatarstan) is hosting Digital Innopolis Days, the largest expanded forum on digital transformation in education, business and public administration.

Digital Innopolis Days brings together the main drivers of the country's digital transformation: industry companies and corporations, IT companies, specialized and pedagogical universities, and public authorities at all levels.

On December 3, S.A. Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA, spoke about the measures implemented for the application of digital technologies in the main areas of the University's activities, the short-term plans for the digitalization of the University, the essence and content of the main projects in the field of digital transformation. In the understanding of RTU MIREA, a digital university is, first and foremost, a developed digital infrastructure, a necessary set of platform and cloud solutions for the active use of digital technologies, a set of necessary equipment and personnel competent in this area.

In the past several years, RTU MIREA, having chosen the vector of its development as a digital university, has been actively working for the purpose: the capacity of the distance learning portal is increasing, modern services for students are being introduced, solutions for switching to the online format of work and education are promoted. Many educational materials are available in electronic form in the scientific and technical library of RTU MIREA, which provides access to knowledge anywhere and at any time. In the online format, events are held not only for students, but also for schoolchildren as part of the active career guidance work of RTU MIREA, including the work done within the Altair Children's Technopark, RTU MIREA.

"Our digitalization efforts are aimed at creating a digital university where everyone — students, employees, administration, and our external partners — will be able to use the unique opportunities for further development provided by digital technologies. Today, the list of digital services used is very diverse. This is educational process management, and a wide range of digital services for schoolchildren and applicants, electronic catalogues of innovative products and technologies developed by RTU MIREA specialists"; noted S.A.Kudzh.

An important role in the digital transformation of educational and research activities of RTU MIREA belongs to a unique complex of mega-laboratories which currently includes 13 such units. Equipped with the most modern devices and facilities, mega-laboratories immerse students in digital design, construction and simulation environment, expand the possibilities for studying modern production technologies.

The university global development plans for the coming years provide for the digital transformation of engineering education and the formation of RTU MIREA as a digital technological university that uses digital technologies in all areas of its activity. These measures should lead to the creation of a "talent factory" at RTU MIREA: training of highly qualified specialists in the "knowledge economy", scientists and engineers - leaders of the digital economy, as well as the generation of new knowledge in science and technology and implementation of advanced technologies.

"Being aware that digital technologies are the future, we have already begun work on creating a digital ecosystem of engineering and technical education, which will not only fully meet the needs of training highly qualified personnel for the digital economy at RTU MIREA, but will also allow us to share our resources with regional universities. By creating regional mini-hubs we will provide access to the digital ecosystem of the University, including the unique equipment of our industrial partners," said S.А. Kudzh speaking about his vision of the future.

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