Representatives of Physics and Technology Institute participate in IV Moscow International Engineering Forum (MMIF-2016)

6 December 2016
On November 24 representatives of Physics and Technology Institute participated in the exhibition within the IV Moscow International Engineering Forum (MMIF-2016). The organizers of the Forum are the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Engineering Academy, Union of Engineers of Russia, Russian Union of Mechanical Engineers, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (employers) with the assistance of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow.

MMIF-2016 was arranged in Moscow in the territory of the hotel Rits-Carlton. Within the Forum the awards ceremony of winners of regional competitions of professional skill among representatives of engineering professions was held. Among the winners of the competition there were the graduate students of Physics Technology Institute. Oleg Lysenko, the design engineer of LLC T8 (research supervisor Prof. Vladimir S. Kondratenko) received the diploma, the medal and the monetary certificate as the winner of the competition "Moscow Masters" in engineering professions in the nomination "Design engineer". Andrey Vysokanov, the engineer of JSC Schwabe-Fotsistemy, also the graduate student of Prof. Vladimir S. Kondratenko received awards for the second place in the same nomination.

At the exhibition of the Engineering Forum Physics and Technology Institute showed exhibits in the following scientific directions:
1. Heat-conducting Polymeric Aggregates (HCPA)

• industrial high-power LED lamps with casing heat sinks from HCPA,
• home low-power LED lamps with casing heat sinks from HCPA.

The use of HCPA allows to replace aluminum in the systems of ambient cooling of electronic devices, in particular, of LED lamps of different power. The products are smaller, lighter and cheaper. HCPA is an import substitution development.

2. Sorption steam-hydro sensor cable (SHSC) a possibility of 3D placement in controlled space.

• SHSC with the signal unit,
• multisensor cable with the signal unit responsive to temperature rise, water and fire effects.

The SHSC sensitivity to the steam and water effects has no analogs and can be the basis for import substitution of alarm systems for critical situations connected to the steam and water effects. The multisensor cable expands the functionality of such systems.

3. Waterproof electrically insulating sol-gel nanocoating.

Exhibit – the leaking LED lighting and the household hair dryer protected against short circuit when immersed in water.
The technology is an example of a counter international technology transfer (from Taiwan), and will create the production of electronic products with the increased waterproof class in Russia.

4. Nano ionized water NSIW with pH = 12.5 with cleaning and disinfecting properties, corrosion lock, sterilization etc.

Exhibit - NSIW samples, 100 ml.
The highly alkaline nano ionized water NSIW with pH = 12.5, as the electrolysis product is increasingly used in the world - both in the industrial and consumer sectors. This NSIW is environmentally friendly, safe for humans and highly effective in many applications. The production technology is the result of counter international technology transfer (from Taiwan).
The keen interest in the exhibition of Physics and Technology Institute was shown by Elena Panina, Chairman of Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry, Deputy from the "United Russia". She noted the high level of the developments and looked forward to their early implementation in Russia.
Different directions of the exhibits attracted a large range of visitors, from various sectors of the Russian industry, especially the audience's attention was riveted on the LED lighting and hair dryer not losing their efficiency when immersed in water.
The main objective of the participation of Physics and Technology Institute in the exhibition - search for an industrial partner for the joint implementation of innovative developments in the industrial complex of Russia.