Representatives of RTU MIREA took part in the forum dedicated to the export of Russian education


On November 20, on the premises of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, an annual forum of employees of international departments of educational institutions of higher education “Export of education as the basis of economic development of the Russian Federation: Russian and international experience” was held. From RTU MIREA online participation in it was attended by I.S. Solunova, Deputy First Vice-Rector, L.A. Komkova, Head of the International Relations Department, E.A. Slezkina, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Education, I.Yu. Burceva, Head of the Department for Work with International Students.

The agenda included a number of items relating to the export of Russian education. Within the framework of the meeting, issues of state support, the content of progragrams for training national personnel for foreign countries in the context of global challenges and improving the interaction between Russian government agencies and universities in the activities aimed to attract foreign citizens to study in Russia were discussed. An important role was attached to the discussion of issues relating to the implementation of double degree programs, the development of training programs in English and the promotion of Russian education with the application of modern marketing tools.

Upon the results of the forum, the participants discussed the stages and mechanisms of the project, and shared their experience in attracting international students to study at Russian universities.

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