RTU MIREA arranges advanced training for specialists working with young people in the CIS countries


One of the main functions of the RTU MIREA as the basic organization of the CIS member states for working with youth is to ensure cooperation in organizing training and retraining of personnel in the area of ​​"Working with youth«, including advanced training of specialists in the field of work with young people through internships.

In November, the Institute of Youth Policy and International Relations of the RTU MIREA organized students’ recruitment for the distance training program «Organization of work with young people in the CIS countries».

Following the course, in order to share experience, three internships were organized (Bishkek, Astana, Moscow), which were attended by experts and heads of institutions and youth policy agencies of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Following the results of these events and with the aim of spreading the best practices in advanced training, on December 21-23, there was arranged the internship «Dissemination of the best experience in conducting advanced training for specialists working with young people in the CIS». Within the framework of the program, advanced training practices were demonstrated, work in micro groups took place to identify potential and problematic issues in advanced training. The participants analyzed the work «on the ground» in the regions and republics in terms of the implementation of youth policy, based on experience.

The participants decided to continue cooperation in this field in 2019 to implement a number of joint projects.

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