RTU MIREA began defending its project on the track of the Priority 2030 program


The Council for Support of University Development Programs has begun the work, under the Priority 2030 Federal Program on the Territorial and / or Industry Leadership track of the Federal Program. The work will last for two days. 36 universities of the country were recommended to defend their projects on this track. In case of successful defense, universities can receive up to 1 billion rubles for the implementation of the projects announced.

MIREA – Russian Technological University started to defend its development program along the Territorial and / or Industry Leadership track of the Priority 2030 Federal Program. 

“Our development program demonstrates the desire to review the activities in the coming decade with the account of modern challenges; it is a search for adequate response to such challenges, and we wish to increase the efficiency of our main activities and become an active participant in the scientific, technological and socio-economic development of our country. The essence of our development program is to find new approaches and non-standard solutions, achieve a balance between traditions and creativity,” said Stanislav Alekseevich Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA.

The implementation of all projects included in the program is based on the collaboration of the University, research organizations and business structures. Today, this is the mechanism capable to provide the desired result, bring our interaction with key partners to a new level. The main expected result of the implemented development program is real products and technologies created on the basis of our own research and production developments, which not only have the potential for scaling, but also create a multiplier effect in related industries and activities. It is the sectoral focus that we believe to be a priority in the coming years.

Rector of RTU MIREA also emphasized: “The uniqueness of our program is that, being a multidisciplinary university, we have been able to form a package of strategic projects that, with a focus on general industry, allows us to get all the departments of the University, all our potential involved into this important work. It applies to the development of production technologies, to the creation of new materials, design, development and production of the necessary equipment. We also have in mind the development of CAD, the preparation of all the necessary project documentation for the subsequent scaling at the specific requests of the end user. And also, the work includes the subsequent transfer of technologies and materials, design and technological documentation under license agreements for the release of final products by enterprises concerned.”

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