RTU MIREA has opened Cosmocenter


The Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Systems of RTU MIREA has opened the Cosmocenter Educational and Research Center for Space Monitoring.

Stanislav Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA, Alexander Sigov, President of RTU MIREA, and Sergei Sakhnenko, General Director of the United Instrument-Making Corporation (managing company of the Ruselectronics Holding of Rostec State Corporation) were present at the opening ceremony.

In his welcoming speech, Stanislav Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA, noted: “Cosmocenter started back in 2019, when the need arose to create such a significant research project. Many global navigation systems appeared at the time, and it was necessary to establish an independent center that would receive their signals at the antenna post. In Cosmocenter we deal with issues of communication, location, navigation, and spatially distributed information systems”. 

Cosmocenter has an excellent potential for fundamental and applied research and the development of new technical solutions. In the Radiolocation and radio navigation, Space communication systems, Space information systems, Monitoring of the environment and outer space laboratories that have unique laboratory and research equipment from the leading world manufacturers, students and graduate students will have an opportunity to get the most advanced knowledge and master practical skills in the development and application of radio electronic means for space purposes.

Antenna posts are installed on the roof of the building of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Systems of RTU MIREA, which makes it possible to record telemetry signals from satellites, monitor outer space and satellites, and receive information from the Earth remote sensing satellites. The parameters of these signals can be used to determine the position and technical condition of space objects in orbit. The signals received at Cosmocenter are transmitted for further processing and use in the educational process to various laboratories of the University.

At the Cosmocenter opening procedure, Sergei Sakhnenko awarded personal scholarships to RTU MIREA students who received the highest score when entering the University for specialties in radio electronics.

One-time scholarships of 50 thousand rubles were awarded to five first-year students with the highest score upon the results of the USE, who entered the University to study specialties in electronics and nanoelectronics, electronic design, computer science and computer technology, electronic systems and complexes.

Also, in connection with the Cosmocenter opening, Stanislav Kudzh and Sergey Sakhnenko signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of research and educational activities. The parties agreed to jointly develop training programs, engage in research and development, provide internship and various practical training courses at the holding’s enterprises with the possibility of further employment, and to create joint educational and research laboratories.

“RTU MIREA is one of the flagship universities for our enterprises. Its specialized departments train specialists in a number of key areas in radio electronics. University graduates not only have a good technical background, but are also maximally motivated to grow professionally. And we, as an employer, are definitely interested in attracting such personnel. The cooperation agreement is a new stage in our fruitful cooperation in personnel training, research and development for the benefit of the Russian industry,” said Sergei Sakhnenko.

The holding and the University will also promote retraining and advanced training of the teaching staff and research workers, exchange information on advanced methodological developments in education, including education and training in the new Cosmocenter.

The Cosmocenter opening is one of the largest RTU MIREA development projects which will open up new ample opportunities for scientific and educational cooperation between the University and industry-specific partners.

In 2021, MIREA – Russian Technological University initiated the creation of the Technological Priorities consortium. The Ruselectronics holding, a national electronics vendor that unites the largest concerns of the country’s radio electronic industry, has become the consortium key member. The consortium was created on the basis of RTU MIREA. The University became the organizing center for 13 participants. The CEOs of the organizations entered into an agreement on the creation of the consortium to help increase the contribution of Russian universities to the implementation of the national development goals while combining their efforts in breakthrough research, creating high-tech products and technologies that ensure the implementation of the key goals of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation, and increasing the global competitiveness of the Russian higher education system.

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