RTU MIREA hosted an official delegation from Jiangxing University of Science and Technology


On December 19, MIREA – Russian University of Technology hosted a delegation from Jiangxing University of Science and Technology, with Professor Yang Bin, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Professor Deng Xiaoyu, Head of the Center for International Exchanges and Cooperation, Professor Wu Caibin, Head of the Academic Department, Professor Wang Han, Dean of the Faculty of materials science and chemistry, Associate Professor Pao Yihua, lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages,.

On behalf of RTU MIREA, the meeting was attended by A.S. Sigov, President of RTU MIREA, I.S. Solunova, Deputy First Vice-Rector, I.Yu. Burtseva, Acting Head of the International Relations Department.

In his introductory remarks, Alexander Sergeevich Sigov spoke about the history and the development of RTU MIREA, the areas of training being implemented, certain specific features of the University’s educational policy, such as, for example, a practice-oriented approach to teaching, the creation of basic departments, and more.

Professor Yang Bin presented the Jiangxing University of Science and Technology, noting the mutual interests of Russian and Chinese universities, training first-class specialists for high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries.

Members of the delegation visited the megalaboratories of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, the Institute of Information Technologies, the Institute of Advanced Technologies and Industrial Programming, the Institute of Radio Electronics and Informatics, and also visited the Situation Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Rosstat.

As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached to sign a cooperation agreement between MIREA – Russian Technological University and Jiangxing University of Science and Technology, potential areas of joint activities of universities were identified, large-scale projects were planned for the future.

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