RTU MIREA introduces the SpinQ Triangulum quantum computer into the educational process, design and research activities


Starting from February, at the Institute of Information Technologies, the SpinQ Triangulum quantum computer from SpinQ Technology will be available in the educational process, project and research activities of students and graduate students of RTU MIREA.

This quantum computer allows to reproduce most of the basic quantum computing algorithms on three qubits. Using this equipment, young university scientists will be able to implement quantum algorithms in practice, without simulators and emulators, and students will have the opportunity to plunge into the real world of quantum computing: learn what qubits are, how quantum algorithms use the principle of superposition, what quantum entanglement is, and how to control qubits using quantum gates.

Quantum algorithms have already shown an effect called quantum superiority over classical computers – the possibility of significantly accelerating the solution of computational problems with equally large volumes of data. In this regard, mathematical, software and hardware support for quantum computing are becoming a multidisciplinary area of interest for a large number of researchers, and a promising area of investment for leading manufacturers of computer equipment.

“Creating advanced opportunities for the educational process, project and scientific activities, for scientific and technical development, is one of the main priorities of RTU MIREA, including in the context of implementing the goals and objectives of the Priority 2030 state program for supporting leading universities in Russia and the Advanced engineering schools federal project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. In this context, the formation of a laboratory base for quantum computing is a natural stage in the development of our University, one of the leading technological universities in the country,” said Stanislav Alekseevich Kudzh, rector of RTU MIREA.

“The SpinQ Triangulum quantum computer is one of the currently available technical solutions for the applied implementation of quantum algorithms, operating on the basis of nuclear magnetic resonance. Already in February, the Institute of Information Technologies will host a competitive selection for the training groups of the “Fundamentals of Quantum Computing” course, which will be implemented as part of the elite training program of RTU MIREA in the second semester of the 2023-2024 academic year. Follow the news of the Institute of Information Technologies,” said Andrey Sergeevich Zuev, director of the Institute of Information Technologies.

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