RTU MIREA participated in the international educational online exhibition in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine

On October 29, employees of the Institute of International Education took part in the International Education online exhibition organized by the Begin Group international company and held in three countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine.

The exhibition was attended by representatives of universities and educational companies from 26 countries of the world, Russia was represented by 4 universities. The number of visitors at the event was over 3,200 people, of which 1,385 attended Zoom presentation hall.

As part of the online exhibition, the staff of the Institute of International Education held a number of presentations and introduced the guests to the benefits of studying at RTU MIREA, the areas of training for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, the terms for admission of foreign citizens; they also told the audience about the possibilities for participating in academic exchange and double degree programs, etc.

All through the exhibition period, representatives of RTU MIREA answered in a personal chat room numerous questions received from the applicants and their parents about the specifics of admission of foreign citizens to the University, possibility to enter the University on a budgetary basis, accommodation in the campus dormitory and a lot more.

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